She Shed

You’ve always wanted a room of your own, somewhere to relax and unwind. You can make one of our portable rooms into anything you want: 

  • Buy one of those big, put your feet up, day beds just for you, loaded with beautiful cushions, somewhere to read, nap and ponder your luck.  You can even have it in white because this room with be a kids or husband free zone. 

  • Have your own personal dressing room/wardrobe. Somewhere to get dressed, do your nails, maybe display your designer bags and shoes. 

  • Become an influencer and create videos in your own personal studio. 

  • Create the perfect art or music studio, somewhere to let your creative juices flow. 

  • Set up an exercise space, do Yoga or Pilates and breathe. 

  • Watch your favourite show on TV, Sex and the City anyone? 

  • Create your hobby room, craft, sewing, cake decorating the list is endless. 

An airconditioned, private, bright and airy room just for you..heaven!  

Oh, and make sure you lock the door and hide the key.

Hire a portable room now!