How to Hire a Portable Room

Do you need a temporary space solution? Are you currently renting your home or are not sure if you will require a room forever? No problem, there is no need to renovate or move, our rooms are available for hire.  


Your questions answered.

Our portable rooms are a perfect temporary solution if you need that extra room at your home or business.  They come in 2 sizes and are easily trailered into place making them fully portable and removable when you no longer need them.  There are so many uses, from that extra bedroom to a home or small business office, extra living or hobby room.

Our Large Rooms with Ensuite are now available for hire and sale! 

Below are some answers to our most asked questions. 

Booking your room

Simply call or email us using our contact us form and we will send you a full quote and a copy of our lease agreement. 

We recommend that you make your booking as early as possible, we are manufacturing all the time and the normal wait is approximately 6 weeks on a room becoming available or being completed for you.   

To secure your room you will need to return a signed copy of our lease agreement and pay 1 months rent in advance. Delivery and bond charges are required to be paid when your room is ready for delivery.  

What is the term of the Lease

Lease term: There is no limit on how long you can keep your room. Rooms are leased for a minimum term of 6 months.  

We offer a discounted weekly rental charges for longer lease terms so please contact us for pricing.

Ending your lease: You will need to provide one month’s notice in writing to end your lease (provided you have completed the agreed lease term). Contact us to end your lease and arrange for your room to be collected. 

How much are our rooms to rent?

You can secure one of our rooms from $145.00 per week. Please contact us for a full price list of rental charges.

Rent: is charged monthly in advance via Direct Debit. 

Delivery and Pickup: We service NSW and the ACT. 

Delivery costs start at $100.00 and are calculated by distance. We are happy to provide a quote when you enquire about one of our rooms. Please get in touch for more information.

Bond: A $500 bond is held by us while you have the room. The bond will be refunded when the room is returned and pick up charges are paid, provided it is in the same condition it was delivered in.

Upfront Costs: Before delivery, you will need to make payment for the bond, delivery fee and the first month’s rent.

Delivery Information and Access

The beauty of our portable rooms is that they quickly and easily trailer onto most sites, no mess, no fuss, no preparation!  All you need for our Standard and Large Rooms is access to power and for our Large Room with Bathroom access to power, your sewer/septic and a cold water supply.

Our staff will deliver and set up your room, ready for you to move in.  Note: For rooms with a Bathroom you will require a plumber to quickly and safely connect to the sewer or septic system. 

Will one of our rooms suit your site? We have you covered, before you hire one of our rooms a Portable Room Hire staff member will complete a site inspection either in person or virtually and explain exact requirements for your property. 

A standard delivery takes about a 2 hours. Watch how easy it is

To deliver your room we need clear access of 2.8m wide and 3.5m high from the road to where you want the room to sit. 

Placing Your Room 

The area where your room will sit needs to be reasonably level and on stable ground. You do not need to provide a concrete slab or footings as our rooms come complete with steel adjustable legs. 

The Standard Room 3.6m x 2.5m room requires approximately 5.5mm x 3m of clear space. 

The Large Room 4.8m x 2.5m room requires approximately 6m x 3m of clear space. 

The Large Room with Ensuite requires 6m x 3.5m of clear space.

If you’re unsure about whether you have the space for one of our rooms, give us a call or get in touch and we will help you work it out. Before your room is delivered, one of our installation staff will complete a site inspection either in person or virtually to help ascertain if you have the correct amount of space available.  


Our rooms are compact and designed to fit into small areas. They come in two sizes.  

Large - 4.8 m x 2.5m  

Large Rooms come with the sliding door on the side or on the front of the unit depending on availability. 

Select the optional 1m x 2.5m front deck the total length of this unit is 5.7m long once installed.

As a guide, it can take a queen size bed, a bedside table and a chest of drawers and a small couch, or two full-sized desks and equipment if used for an office. 

Large with Ensuite - 4.8m x 2.5m.

This option has the sliding door and an optional 0.9m x 2.5m deck at the side of the unit allowing for maximum space inside for furniture placement. Making the width of this unit 3.5m once installed. 

Standard - 3.6m x 2.5m  

This size room can also feature an optional front deck making this unit 4.5m long in total once installed.

This room works well with a double size bed but will also take a queen size bed with a small desk or chest of drawers.  It also works well as a home office, site security room or single bedroom. 

Design, Inclusions and Building Information

Our rooms are 100% Australian made in our factory on the NSW Central Coast. In fact, a large proportion of the materials used to manufacture our rooms are also Australian made and we are proud to be supporting Australian companies to provide jobs here at home.  

All rooms are fitted with  

  • Two double power points, 
  • Two internal downlights 
  • Safety circuit breaker 
  • Smoke detector
  • Reverse cycle air conditioner 
  • Porch light 
  • 1650mm sliding door with fly screen
  • 1200mm window with fly screen
  • Block out blinds on the door and window 
  • Attractive timber look flooring

Front deck with overhead awning is an optional extra.

Large Ensuite Room includes all items above plus:

  • Macerator Toilet which pumps waste and grey water and feeds straight to the sewer or septic.
  • 50L hot water system
  • Fully enclosed shower cubicle (900mm x 750mm)
  • Toughened glass shower screen
  • Vanity sink and cupboard
  • Toilet roll holder and towel rail
  • Extra window
  • Extra power point
  • Ventilation

All electrical work is completed by a registered electrician and certified. All the plumbing fixtures are installed by a licensed plumber. The rooms are protected by independent circuit breakers for the lights, air conditioning and power points. 

For images of our Ensuite Room please follow this link. 

Heating & Cooling

All rooms are insulated, in the floor, walls and roof ensuring that you are comfortable all year round and the power bills stay under control. 

Each room has a split-system reverse-cycle air conditioning unit that gently diffuses the air into the room, no harsh fans.  This unit comes with a remote control and will heat up or cool down the room quickly and efficiently. 

Windows, Lighting & Flooring

Each room feels spacious and light and has a large 1650mm sliding door and 1200mm window to ensure there is lots of natural light.  

High quality aluminium windows and doors with security locks are purpose built here in Australia to suit our room construction and design. They come with fly screens.

Two (2) downlights are installed in each room.  

Our rooms are fitted with hard wearing and attractive timber look flooring, installed to make the room look spacious, modern and easy to clean. 

Blinds and fly screens

All windows include fly screens and blockout roller blinds so you can close the room up for privacy or to keep the sun at bay. 

The side window and the large sliding door are fitted with a fly screen for comfortable air flow and as well as a block out blinds manufactured to fit perfectly. 

Buying a Portable Room

So, you are thinking one of our rooms would be perfect for you permanently. Why not buy one? We offer 2 sizes and are happy to discuss your individual requirements. Head to our Sales page for more information.