About Portable Room Hire & Sales

“After selling our events business in 2021, we were looking for a new opportunity, but also a way to offer a product that would be useful in todays economic and social environment. With so many people struggling with affordable housing options and homelessness, we decided to put our thinking caps on and design a product that, we feel, can offer that extra space people need at a reasonable price on a permanent or temporary basis. Because sometimes all people need is an extra room to be able to make room."

Lynn and Matthew Crow have been in business for over 30 years, with backgrounds in building, design and marketing they set about designing rooms that are affordable, comfortable and safe.

With a belief in Australian design and manufacturing, all the portable rooms will be built at their factory on the NSW Central Coast. Each room will be manufactured using mostly Australian made componentry and fittings, ensuring local jobs, local opportunities, and a lower carbon footprint.

Portable Room Hire & Sales is a family owned and run business, Matthew is a builder by trade and enlisted the help of his brother, Murray Crow, to help him design and build the first prototype room. After many hours of design, debate, trial and error, and innovation, a product has been made that is of high quality, is functional, safe and secure, as well as stylish and fit for many uses.  

Lynn and Matthew have an unswerving belief that this product will give people the ability to make the most out of their current accommodation, easily and cost effectively, without the need for expensive moves or renovations.

They also believe that portable rooms may be an answer to the housing affordability and homelessness issues that Australia faces. This has already proven to be the case with rooms being deployed into the areas of foster care, domestic violence support and homelessness services. Sometimes, all that is needed is a little bit of extra space to create space for a person in need. 

Lynn and Matthew Crow - Portable Room Hire