Man Cave Ideas to Transform a Portable Room

You truly love your partner, but they need their space, and you need yours. They work hard and deserve to have fun, but if you have to listen to one more Moto GP or 4WD video... Why not add a portable room to your property and turn it into the ultimate man cave? Here are some ideas and ways to use a “man cave”:

  • Watch sports or action movies, display their posters, trophies, and paraphernalia
  • Brew beer, distil whiskey, and set up a bar for serving friends
  • Cure meat or make smallgoods
  • Create a fully kitted gaming room or personal gym
  • Practise an instrument, create a music studio, or rehearse with a band 
  • Set up a hobby room for stamp collecting, painting, or building models
  • Do woodwork, metalwork, or art projects

These man cave ideas keep clutter out of sight and out of mind - he’s happy, you’re delighted - it’s a win-win!

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