Buying a Portable Room

Inside a Portable Room
Exterior of Portable Room

Our portable rooms are great for so many uses and are available for sale. They are the perfect choice if you just need a little bit more space at your place. Whether it be for an extra bedroom, home office, hobby room, a place to run your business, an air BNB room, or just some extra storage, we have the solution for you. 

When you purchase one of our portable rooms it will arrive at your door ready to plug in and move into. No mess, no fuss!  

Comfort is key and all our rooms are built from fire resistant Colorbond steel laminated insulated panels which ensure that your room is energy efficient and stays warm in the winter and cool in the summer. With 3 choices of colours for the outside walls your portable room will fit your property perfectly. 

Do you need even more space?

We can connect 2 of our rooms together on site to create a two room home. This means that both rooms trailer to your property and are connected on site, no mess, no fuss! Simply mix and match our rooms to suit your needs, even add a kitchenette. Contact us now for more details and pricing. 


All Large and Standard portable rooms purchased are built especially for you and they are all fitted with:

  • Two (2) double power points, 
  • Two (2) internal down lights
  • Outside light
  • Safety circuit breaker 
  • A reverse cycle air conditioner (optional)
  • Smoke detector
  • Sliding door with fly screen
  • Side window with fly screen
  • Block out blinds on the door and window 
  • Lead and adapter box so the portable room can be plugged into any normal power point. 
Portable Room to hire or buy with ensuite

Large Portable Room with Ensuite

We build our portable rooms with a bathroomto suit your property requirements. All rooms include all the features above plus the added benefits of: 

  • Toilet 
  • Shower 
  • Vanity sink with cupboard
  • All tapware
  • Mirror
  • Toilet roll holder and towel rail
  • Small window in bathroom
  • Ventilation in bathroom
  • All fittings required for your plumber to connect to your sewer or septic easily and quickly. 

Our rooms are fully customisable! We can also build rooms with a toilet only and/or kitchenette so please call us or contact us to discuss your individual requirements and receive a personalised quotation.

Please contact us for more information, dimensions and specifications. We are happy to discuss with you what will best suit your needs. 

Shower ensuite in Portable Room
Ensuite with Toilet and basin in Portable Room

There are 4 portable room options available for purchase and our prices start at $13,995.00. 

We can connect 2 rooms on site to create a 2 room granny flat. No mess, no fuss!

Please contact us for our latest price list. 

Standard Portable Room - 3.6m x 2.5m or 3.6m x 3m

Available in 2 widths this portable room works well for a number of different purposes

An extra bedroom - This size portable room is perfect for a small bedroom and will easily fit a double bed with a small desk or chest of drawers. It will also fit a queen size bed and a small wardrobe. 

A Small Business or Home Office - This size portable room is perfect for your home office, whether you are studying, running a business or just want to get all that paperwork out of the way. It will fit a normal size desk easily with a filing cabinet and lounge chair, why not make your work environment attractive? And at the end of the day you can lock the door and leave work behind. 

Computer or Gaming Room -  Do you or someone you know love playing video games. The set up can take up a lot of room and who wants all of that in the bedroom.  Our Standard Portable Room is the perfect solution. 

Small Storage Room - Do you just need some more storage at your place.  This room is the perfect size and if you don't require air - conditioning you can remove this from our standard features and save yourself some cash. Simply let us know your requirements and we can provide a personalised quotation. 

Beauty Room, Hairdressing Salon, Tanning or Nail Studio - Would you like to run your own beauty business from home? Why not buy your own purpose built portable room and stop paying rent or working for someone else? It is the perfect tax write off and we can add a sink with hot and cold running water with under bench cupboards to help make servicing your clients just as professional as any other commercial salon. Simply Contact Us for a personalised quotation. 

This size room features a 0.9m timber front deck making this room 4.5m long in total.  If you don’t require the front deck the price of this option can be removed allowing it to fit into tight spots and save some cash. 

Large Portable Room - 4.8 m x 2.5m or 4.8m x 3m 

If you need a bit more space our large portable room offers a great alternative and has many uses.  

A Small Business or Home Office - This size portable room is perfect for your home or small business office, especially if you need to fit more than one person in the area at a time. It will fit 2 normal size desks easily with a filing cabinet and lounge chair and if you require a small kitchenette we can add that for an extra cost, simply contact us for a personalised quotation.  

An larger extra bedroom - This size portable room is perfect for a larger bedroom and will easily fit a double or queen size bed with a wardrobe and a small desk, chest of drawers or lounge chair. 

This option features a front deck and awning which will make the total length of this room 5.7m long.  If you don’t require the front deck this can be removed saving some extra space and money.  

Large Portable Room with Ensuite - 4.8m x 2.5m or 4.8m x 3m

Do you need an extra room with a bathroom? This room creates an extra space if you need a room that is private and that bit more self contained. 

This room features the sliding entry door on the side with an optional outside deck (900 wide by 2500m long) and awning. The total length of this room is 4.8m long and can be 2.5m or 3m wide.

As a guide, both large rooms can take a queen size bed, a bedside table and a chest of drawers, or two full-sized desks. 

Our portable room with a bathroom comes with everything you need to be self contained and comfortable. 

See images above or check out this page for more information.

Large Portable Room with Kitchenette - 4.8m x 2.5m

Available when you are purchasing 2 rooms to connect together, our Large Portable Room with a Kitchenette is the perfect add on to our Large Portable Room with Ensuite. They are simply transported to site and joined together to create a comfortable 2 room home. 

Contact us for more information and pricing.



For our 2.5m rooms you can order them to be built on a trailer, allowing you to move your room if required.  All trailers are purpose built with a vin number and are fully registerable or movable with a permit. 

Please contact us for more information and pricing on this option. 


We offer the option of customisation of your room to suit your needs.  Options include:

  • Choice of door and window placement to ensure the room will suit your site.
  • Outside colour choices to match and blend your room to existing structures.
  • Installation of a kitchenette or sink with hot and/or cold water in our large rooms. Perfect for a home office or it is especially useful if you are looking to set up a beauty room or salon.

All customised rooms are quoted on a job by job basis. Please contact our team now if you wish to discuss your perfect portable room. 

Placing Your Room

2.5m Wide Option

This size room is designed to be trailered to site and easily placed. The area where your room will sit needs to be reasonably level and on stable ground. 

The Standard Room is 3.6m x 2.5m and requires approximately 4.5m x 3m of clear space. 

The Large Room is 4.8m x 2.5m and requires approximately 6m x 3m of clear space. 

The Large Room with Ensuite is 4.8m x 2.5m and requires approximately 6m x 4m of clear space.

If you’re unsure about whether you have the space for one of our rooms, give us a call or get in touch and we will help you work it out. Before your room is delivered, one of our installation staff will complete a site inspection either in person or virtually to help ascertain if you have the correct amount of space available. 

3m Wide Option

This size room is perfect if you require a little more space.  This size cannot be moved on a trailer but will be transported to you on a crane truck. 

The Standard Room is 3.6m x 3m and requires approximately 5m x 3.5m of clear space. 

The Large Room is 4.8m x 3m and requires approximately 6m x 3.5m of clear space. 

The Large Room with Ensuite is 4.8m x 3m and requires approximately 7m x 4.5m of clear space.

Delivery of your room 

To deliver your 2.5m wide room we need clear access of 2.8m wide and 3.5m high from the road to where you want the room to sit.

For a 3m wide room we will require 4m wide and 3.5m high from the road to where you want your room to be placed. 

Delivery and installation costs start at $200.00 and are calculated based on where you want your room to be delivered and we are happy to offer a quote before you place your order.

Our rooms can be craned into place if need be and we are happy to discuss this with you, recommend crane companies and help you to obtain a quote for this delivery option. 

Contact us now to receive our latest price list and specials.