Portable Granny Flats: Instant Extra Space

With affordable accommodation hard to find, our kids are staying at home longer or moving back after a stint of living away from home. Maybe they want to save a deposit for a house and need an alternative, we offer competitively priced and convenient portable granny flats for all such needs.

Easily Transportable Granny Flats for Sale or Hire

Perhaps a parent, friend, or family member needs a place to lay their head until they get back on their feet, but you don’t have a spare bedroom. We offer a solution for those who require extra living space.

Relocatable granny flats provide comfortable and affordable accommodation, allowing you to maintain your privacy while offering an option for family and friends. All our rooms have reverse-cycle air-conditioning, lighting, block-out blinds, as well as fly screens on windows and sliding doors. So why spend money on costly renovations when you can find good, temporary or permanent accommodation delivered with no fuss?

We also have portable single room granny flats that come with a bathroom. Our Large Ensuite Room has a toilet, vanity and sink, shower and adequate ventilation.

Ready to Use, 2 Room Transportable Granny Flats

Do you require a 2 room option? We can connect two of our rooms together to create a two room granny flat. Simply mix and match our rooms together to create your personalised home. One room with a bathroom and one room with a kitchen or whatever suits your needs.

We will simply transport to your property and join on site, no mess and no fuss! With the included lead and adaptor box, you can connect our studio granny flats to any normal power point. We will supply all fittings to enable a plumber to attach your piping to the sewer system quickly. Don’t hesitate to get hold of us for affordable and convenient demountable granny flats.

Our Portable Granny Flats

All our rooms are built using Colourbond Steel Insulated Panels and come with everything you need to simply connect to services and move in. 

There are 2 ways to enjoy our portable rooms.

Hire: All our 2.5m wide rooms are available for hire.

Standard Portable Room - 3.6m x 2.5m, Large Portable Room - 4.8m x 2.5m, Large Portable Ensuite Room - 4.8m x 2.5m.

For more information on our hire rooms please check out our Portable Room Hire page.

Sale: You can buy our rooms and depending on the space you have available you can choose a 2.5m width or a 3m width in the sizes outlined above. Our rooms can be customised to suit the area you have available and your personal needs.

Need a bathroom and a kitchen? How about our 2 room option? We can easily connect our rooms on site to create a 2 room granny flat.

For more information please check our our Portable Room Sales page.

For current pricing please send a contact us request.

Lady sitting on deck in front of portable granny flat