Even more ideas

Home Business

So, you have a great idea and you have always wanted to start your own business, but where will you bring your idea to life?  

Or you have started your business and it is going great, but you have grown out of the back room or dining table, and you need a bit more space and privacy.  Where will you run your business from? What if you don’t have a designated place to get on with it? 

Starting a business is costly and to rent a commercial space is a risk at the beginning. Home based businesses are big business and can certainly grow to be very large companies, but at the start you just need some space to get in the groove and run your empire, cheaply, conveniently, comfortably and close by. 

Why not rent one of our portable rooms? It will trailer straight into your back yard and voila, an air-conditioned purpose-built insulated room with power and blinds. It’s a cheaper option that renting a commercial space and allows you to test the water until you feel confident to take the next step in your business.  

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Building Site Shed

Our portable rooms are the perfect solution for a building site or security shed, they trailer to site and can be placed easily where you need them.  They offer a great air-conditioned space to run any sized building project or keep an area safe.  They will provide respite from the heat of the day, and your lunchroom/site office/security office will be the envy of industry! 

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Teenage Retreat/ Homework Area

Your babies are growing up and are teenagers, they need their own space, and you need yours. You might be wondering if you need to move to a larger house or add an extension to your existing home but both options are expensive. Furthermore, the kids will be gone in a few years, and you will have a house that is larger than you need.  

Why not consider hiring one of our portable rooms? Just to get you through this time when your teenagers need that extra space to do homework, game/play on their computer or just watch TV.  

If you really love it, once they are gone it can be your man cave or she shed!  

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Computer Gaming Room

You or someone you love is obsessed with gaming, whether it be Destiny 2 or Call of Duty it is being played all the time and at all hours at your house.  Playing computer games can be noisy, and you don’t want to disturb the rest of the house or be disturbed and so much equipment! 

Imagine a room set up specifically for this purpose, block out blinds and air conditioning keep it comfortable, and power is no problem. No need to pack up after the game is complete, the door can be locked when you are ready for a break or some sleep.  

And if your gamer is a teenager, you can make sure that the computer equipment is away from the bedroom and the temptation to play all night.  

Man Cave

You love your man, you really do, but he needs his space, and you need yours. He works hard and deserves it and if you have to listen to one more Moto GP or 4WD video you will literally scream. Imagine if your man had somewhere to do any of the following: 

  • Watch sport or action movies 

  • Brew beer or distil whiskey  

  • Set up the ultimate bar for serving the above-mentioned beverages  

  • Have a place to put the trophies and sports paraphernalia on display (you love Valentino Rossi but not on the wall of your lounge room

She Shed

You’ve always wanted a room of your own, somewhere to relax and unwind. You can make one of our portable rooms into anything you want: 

  • Buy one of those big, put your feet up day beds just for you, loaded with beautiful cushions, somewhere to read, nap and ponder your luck.  You can even have it in white because this room with be a kids or husband free zone. 

  • Have your own personal dressing room/wardrobe. Somewhere to get dressed, do your nails, display your designer bags and shoes. 

  • Become an influencer and create videos in your own personal studio. 

  • Create the perfect art or music studio, somewhere to let your creative juices flow. 

  • Set up an exercise space, do Yoga or Pilates and breathe. 

  • Watch your favourite show on TV, Sex and the City anyone? 

  • Create your hobby room, craft, sewing, cake decorating the list is endless. 

An airconditioned, private, bright and airy room just for you..heaven!  

Oh, and make sure you lock the door and hide the key.

Extra storage

Let’s face it we all love our stuff, and we have lots of it! So much, that it is often placed in storage facilities that are a long way away making access to your precious items problematic, on top of that they are expensive.  How many times have you gone to find something only to realise it is in the storage shed 5 miles away and it’s 10pm at night! 

Our portable rooms offer a great storage solution, they are placed conveniently in your backyard, are attractive, secure and accessible. A great place to store your belongings and be able to use them.  

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