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7 Reasons Why Buying a Portable Room is a Great Alternative to Renovating

Posted by Lynn Crow on 12 December 2023
7 Reasons Why Buying a Portable Room is a Great Alternative to Renovating

The cost of renovating is at an all time high, building costs and a shortage of builders ready and able to add on to your home means that quotes for a single room with a bathroom can be over $100,000.00! This price on top of the mess and inconvenience of renovating is causing many people to put off their building plans and simply put up with a home that is no longer big enough for their family and requirements.

What if there was a cheaper and easier option? Many families are turning to buying a portable room which can be placed in any accessible back yard easily and quickly. This alternative is perfect if you only need a single room for a bedroom, hobby room, extra living area or home office. With rooms available with or without a bathroom, a portable room is a viable option and there are many benefits:

  1. They are Cost Effective - you can purchase a portable room for sale for as little as $15,500.00 complete with air conditioning, $21,495.00 for an ensuite room with shower, toilet and vanity. (so much cheaper than the $100,000.00 quote!) 
  2. No Hidden Costs - If you purchase from a reputable company, all rooms also come with downlights, power points, smoke detectors and outside lighting as well as block out blinds and high-quality flooring. No hidden costs, no mess, and no fuss. 
  3. The Are Safe – If your portable room is manufactured in Australia, all electrical and plumbing work will be completed to Australian Standards.  Building materials such as Colorbond™ Insulated Panel, windows and doors will also be manufactured in Australia to our standards, they will also be the real deal and not a cheaper alternative imported from overseas.
  4. Easily Set Up - A portable room can be delivered and set up in around an hour. They do not need footings or a concrete slab as they come with their own adjustable footings. Basically, if you have a level piece of accessible land you can have a portable room delivered. Well made portable rooms for sale can also be craned into position in most cases. 
  5. Councils Approved -  Being 100% portable and therefore removable as well as being under 20m2, most councils do not require approval, but it is always worth checking with your local authority.
  6. Saleable when No Longer required - Portable Rooms for Sale are movable by nature and therefore re saleable. Say you require your room for a teenager or young adult who requires a bit more privacy now but not forever, once they have finished with the room, move out and you no longer require it, you can on sell it to another person…or use it for you own personal relaxation haven.
  7. Your room can be positioned apart from your home, this is perfect if you or the person using it requires privacy from the main house.  Working or running a business from home does not need to happen from inside your house, a portable room offers a private space to concentrate and at the end of the day, you can lock the door of your room and leave the workday behind.

There are so many other benefits to a buying a portable room for your property, the uses are only limited to your imagination and the hassle-free factor is huge. Finding a portable room for sale is certainly something to consider if you need some more space at your place.

Lynn CrowAuthor:Lynn Crow